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24/48: Rimsky-Korsakov. Scheherazade, etc - RPO / James Walker - Reader's Digest 1962

Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov:  "Scheherazade",  Symphonic suite, op.35.   
I: The Sea & Sinbad's Ship  ~  II: The Tale of the Kalandar Prince  
III:  The Young Prince and the Young Princess  ~  IV:  Festival at Baghdad.  The Sea.  The Ship goes to pieces on a Rock. Conclusion.
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Charles Orth:  "In a Clock Store"
George Voelker:  "A Hunt in the Black Forest"
Victor Herbert:  "Babes in Toyland" - March of the Toys
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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  James Walker   
RCA Reader's Digest  RDS 5097 ('Treasury of Classical Favourites' 8LP 1966). Matrices: M07Y2916 -4K / M07Y2817 -5K ...
RDS 6327 ('Music for You' 10LP 1968). from Matrix: UR25-0442 -2K.  Recorded: 20/22 January 1962 ... 1/1/25 February 1962 - Walthamstow Town Hall.
Orth,etc, from 2014 24/96 files - slightly re-edited.  


  1. Wow! About as arcane as it gets. I have most of the RD boxes, but I can't seem to find that one anywhere. I probably didn't bother as most of it appears elsewhere (the pick of the crop being Fjelstad's Schubert and Danon's Dvorak). I wonder why Charles Gerhardt gave it to Walker to conduct; if they needed a stick-waver at short notice he usually did it himself, and I think there's another RD "Scheherazade". I look forward to hearing this one.

  2. p.s. I must protect my streetcred. by "RD boxes" I mean the classical ones. Not interested in shows or film music or G&S. One has one's standards. (No, I am a musical snob, quite happy to be. Life is too short to listen to dross).

    1. Mainly culled from the 1959 box (only have the mono) and the Light classical - though bits turn up in a variety of boxes. Was intending to do the Tchaikovsky 6/Gibson (also in a big Tchaikovsky box) but the 1812 didn't get a reissue (Gerhardt) and the sides were crammed:- the Boult (2discs) are viable. The Gold Seal reissues aren't overwhelming: Horenstein Tchaik 5/Dvorak 9 (just got the mono Galliera of that...) and Brahms 1 - probably the Boult/Franck, too (not heard!!!!). Vivid sound - though Decca have the darned low-level matrix 'blips' - far too time-consuming to entirely manually eradicate. Do have some Philharmonia lined-up (Goossens Rimsky / Serafin opera ov) but the playing is rather parochial....maybe just do the Mackerras Gaite/Danube??
      The Film box is quite good (all these cost about 1penny/LP!).
      Managed to pick-up a new 1960 ACL set of Fistoulari/Swan Lake - may do that - but it's intermittently dull-ish.


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