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24/48: Borodin. Symphony 1 - Alceo Galliera ... Mussorgsky. Sorochinsky Fair, Khovantschina, etc.- Walter Susskind - EMI 1955/6

Alexander Borodin:  Symphony no.1 in E flat   (rev: Rimsky-Korsakov / Glazounov)
I: Adagio-Allegro-Meno mosso-Tempo I-Animato assai-Andantino  ~  II: Scherzo -Prestissimo-Allegro-Prestissimo  ~  
III: Andante-Lento  ~  IV: Allegro molto vivo-Maestoso
16/44 FLAC   Mega Download              24/48 XR FLAC  Mega Download   
The Philharmonia Orchestra  conducted by  Alceo Galliera   
HMV  XLP 30107  (part Columbia 33CX 1356)   1968 LP/matrices: XAX855 -4 / 2XEA2903 -2.   Recorded: 6-8 April 1955   

Modest Mussorgky:  (orch. Rimsky-Korsakov, except ** Liadov)
"Night on the Bare Mountain"    
"Sorochinsky Fair":  Act One - Introduction, Act Two - Gopak **
Intermezzo in B minor
"Khovantschina":  Act One - Introduction, Act Four - Dance of the Persian Slaves, Entr'acte
Scherzo in B flat
Triumphal March - "The Capture of Kars"
6 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download             6 files zip 24/48 XR FLAC  Mega Download   
The Philharmonia Orchestra  conducted by  Walter Susskind   
EMI Music for Pleasure  MFP 2049  (Parlophone PMC 1018)   1966 LP/matrices: 2XMG79 -5 / 2XMG80 -4.   Recorded: 10/11 March 1953   
The Borodin sounds somewhat 'Gramophoney' - the exciting Mussorgsky previously transferred 2009 as mp3.    NOT ON CD     Sleeve-notes >>>    


  1. Thank you - fine performances here. Too bad the Borodin couldn't be a stereo mix.

    1. Possibly some parts were in stereo (after Malko's Prokofiev in February) but not, successfully, the complete score.
      Scanned this LP cover in 2010!
      The Susskind generated little interest previously; but, apart from some pedestrian conducting in parts of Khovantschina, it's excellent - with a clear-view of many soloists.

  2. Anonymous29 July, 2016

    Thanks TE. I confess I have these LPs but I'm grateful to you for making the listening simpler. These LPs are part of that vast hinterland of excellent recordings that have disappeared completely from view along with their conductors' reputations. "Mono" puts so many off these days. (I once knew somebody who refused ever to watch black and white films on tv - incomprehensible to me.)

    1. When it come to LP's, Mono (or a mono version of the Stereo) can be rather superior.
      Was going to just upload the XLP (+ the Malko XLP Borodin 2/3 - until I saw they're on CDs: the 2nd rather a dull performance)- but the Balakirev had far too many 'defects' to repair: was unwilling to wet-clean a new 2nd copy.
      Kletzki has also fallen-down-the plughole; there seem to be quite a few never on CD.
      Susskind did a nice Peer Gynt, etc, on Columbia 33SX - but see that the stereo got a CD release.
      Tausky did 4 lesser-known French Overtures on stereo EP's - got released on SXLP30117; probably MIA, too..

  3. Thank you and donation made!

    1. That's very kind, Robert.
      These caused quite some hours work -mostly removing infinitesimal 'nits'- (annoyingly missed a few early in 'Kars' - but Foobar/Flac always 'resolves' what isn't audible via Audacity - a very old problem: additional minimal Izotope inherently smoothes the sound - not what I want..
      Theoretically could do Dobrowen's Scheherazade (etc): but it's over 60yo vinyl....Sargent's 1954 Rachmaninov Sym.3 is proving intractable - and that's merely a 1969 copy...EMI had a reputation for surface-noise during that era - so not much fun dubbing those!

  4. thanks again for your wonderful work. as you know, we love and advidly collect the early philharmonia recs, but the borodin escaped us somehow...

    1. Hello Theresa,
      I don't have the original of that - or the Matacic; but the XLP was supposedly an improvement.
      Certainly the score has some nice melodies (only otherwise know it from the ASD Melodiya)- but would have wished for more treble analysis (the XLP Borodin 2/3 from '63 is 'similar' though Malko's 3rd is superior to David Lloyd-Jones' LPO/Philips:- the first side, though, is one of my faves, since '71 - original
      Mussorgsky + Balakirev's dramatic 'King Lear' Ov. (Matacic's 2 are rather doggedly-played).
      I don't know the status of Malko's Dvorak/Grieg - only have the 2nd disc - a possible companion to Lympany's Grieg PC) - Kletzki's Zampa/Merry Wives (45ep) probably isn't too well-known - the 33CX (+ MFP) Tchaikovsky/Ravel/Smetana may not be available... but it's too time-consuming to search for missing '50's Philharmonia on CD.

    2. borodin sounds good, thanks. have CX/kletzki - great interpretations, and as expected terrific playing. kletzki is not recalled well enough! (Also struck with the ability/artistry of constant lambert with the philh - what an exciting team.)
      theresa (f/i donation sent).

    3. Yes: the very early Philharmonia's are excellent: don't have Lambert's 33SX "Facade", but many of the others are on HISTORICAL.. [BTW: did mail...]


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