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24/48: Ferdinand Leitner / Berlin Philharmonic - Pfitzner. Symphony in C, Palestrina 3 Preludes - DGG 1959

Hans Pfitzner:
Symphony in C major, op.46  (no.3)    
Adagio moderato ~ Sehr langsam (Adagio) ~  Presto  

Three Orchestral Preludes from "Palestrina"
Act 1: Ruhig (Andante)  ~  Act 2: Mit Wucht und Wildheit  ~  Act 3: Langsam, sehr getragen  
4 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download         4 files zip 24/48 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Berliner Philharmoniker  conducted by  Ferdinand Leitner  
Deutsche Grammophon  2543 817 + 2543 822  1983 LP's/matrices. Originally: SLPEM 136 022.  Recorded: 1 + 16/17 June 1958 - Berlin.  
Leitner's BPO Schumann Symphony 3 is a logical coupling but a 1959 transfer on Heliodor sounds very dull/un-dynamic.  NOT ON CD
Symphony no.1 is on  HISTORICAL (Schmidt-Isserstedt).  2543 822 cover / Sleeve-notes / EMG review >>>  


  1. Its playing right now and the transfer sounds great. Thanks again!


    1. Bought the Symphony upon release - a slightly unusual composition!

      If it sounds a little 'too bright' I can upload the alternative without a +1.5dB treble 'boost'; but these sounded a little 'boxed in' - probably overly close-microphones.

      That LP is one where DG couldn't be bothered to wholly re-cut - so the Wagner, on side 1, is quite inferior: same problem with Busoni's 'Doktor Faust'.

      Virtually no other Pfitzner in the UK catalogue at that time except for 9 Lieder sung by Fischer-Dieskau (have).

  2. Haven't heard this performance of the Symphony for years and how lovely it is, with one of the great cor anglais solos so much more tellingly done here than on the cpo recording. Incidentally, this was his 3rd symphony (No. 2 is the Kleine Sinfonie Op. 44), though he doesn't appear to have numbered them himself. Many thanks. Roger

    1. Should've checked the numbering/opus, as was under the misapprehension this was called the 'Kleine' - didn't realise there were 3! (if I bought CD's I'd have known..).
      Thought DG had CD'd this - but strangely not...mentioned it some years back.


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