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Hamburger Telemann-Gesellschaft - Couperin. Concert royal 3 / Leclair. Sonata 8 / Boismortier. Trio -&- Concerto - Archiv 1960

Francois Couperin:  Troisieme Concert royal in A major
Jean Marie Leclair:  Sonata no.8 in D major  
Joseph Boismortier:  Trio, op.50/6 in D major    /    Concerto, op.37 in E minor   
4 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Camerata Instrumentale der Hamburger Telemann-Gesellschaft  
(Burghard Schaeffer, flute - Hermann Tottcher, oboe - Thomas Brandis, violin - Fritz Henker, bassoon - Josef Ulsamer -&- Heinrich Haferland, viola da gamba's - Edwin Koch, 'cello - Karl Grebe, harpsichord )
DGG Archive  SAPM 198 031  STEREO  Original 1960 pressing / December 1959 matrices  
24/96  files.. Pretty good sound/transfer for such an early DGG Stereo. Side 2 dubbed @ +2dB compared to side 1.   The Zip Folder also includes: Eng/Ger/Fr/Sp sleeve-notes + Insert card.      Not on CD      EMG review >>>


  1. This another incredible post (and one which i doubt i would've ever obtained from anywhere else..),idn't expect such music from relativelly minor (or at least, unknown to me) composers (except for Couperin.) The transfers are obviously faultless, but the 24/96 file of course stands out - shame about the space-problem!

    Many thanks!

  2. The Leclair is under the c.195MB Zippy limit - but a typical 24/96 stereo LP is <1GB - so even a new 50GB a/c (if possible) would quickly get filled-up (as the Mega virtually is now).
    Was thinking of additionally uploading (elsewhere) 2533 067 (Couperin Apotheose de: Lulli/Corelli - Leclair Tombeau Vln.Sonata) from 1970 - but earliest stereo Archiv don't seem too common - though have no real idea what's on CD (the Handel Organ C./Muller - recently got - from 1967 - are...)


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