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24/48: Lorin Maazel / Philharmonia - Richard Strauss. Also sprach Zarathustra -&- Till Eulenspiegel - Columbia 1962

Richard Strauss:  Also sprach Zarathustra - op.30

Richard Strauss:  Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche - op.28

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The Philharmonia Orchestra  conducted by  Lorin Maazel

EMI World Records   ST 935  (SAX 2467)  1969 reissue.  Matrices: YAX951 -14G / YAX952 -16G.  Recorded: August/June 1962 - Kingsway Hall.
NOT ON CD (except Jap pre-2008)  SXLP 30133 used these matrices.  Minimal 1.2 / 1.1 de-click (strings were somewhat 'grainy' in op.30) +1dB Treble.
SXLP cover/sleeve-note (original) + SRG 8 review >>>  


  1. Excellent! Thank you for including both of the covers.

    1. The 1969 recut balance was apparently shifted in the strings favour compared to the 'substandard' SAX, but, soundwise, it's demonstrably not to the standard of 2 recent Supraphon's hereabouts. Overall, the performance is superior to Karajan/VPO which gets flaccid.
      There's a recent LP release @

  2. Frank.
    THE wonderful Philh - nice one, sir! We did have this, but Lordy knows where it vanished to over the years.
    Best wishes, Theresa

  3. Frank, thanks. Playing this all a.m. - IMO it rivals in playing and warm sound such as Karajan DGG 1970s (not the misunderstood VPO one), and another well worth seeking out - Mitropoulos 1950s.
    T & K.

    1. Hello Theresa, Not the Philharmonia(s) I'd been intending (50's) but was cleaning (again) the VPO/Karajan and realised its less-good performance (personally preferred Mehta/LAPO) though a SDD recut of the Karajan has quite a Crescendo (initially the SDD used a 1963 transfer (have the 'tests') and 'limiting' can be heard - the early SXL was very washed-out sound-wise..
      Bought Maazel originally in '70 (Red 'strobe' label) probably as the Gramophone review was persuasive!

      Had intended one or 2 more by now but my 3 Vista laptops succumbed to some (AVG, probably..) glitch - #1 completely wrecked - 9hr re-install - then later similar logon faults (user profile data 'vanished') as had happened with the other 2 - after years of faultless use.... so have been pre-occupied - with loads more salvage work to do!


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