24/48: Harry Blech / London Mozart Players - Schubert. Symphonies 3 & 6 - HMV 1957

Franz Schubert:  Symphony no.3 in D major, D.200
I: Adagio maestoso ~ II: Allegretto ~ III: Minuet (Vivace) & Trio ~ IV: Presto - vivace    

Franz Schubert:  Symphony no.6 in C major, D.589
I: Adagio - Allegretto ~ II: Andante ~ III: Scherzo (Presto) & Trio ~ IV: Allegro moderato  

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London Mozart Players  conducted by  Harry Blech  
HMV  CLP 1090  1957 LP/matrices: 2XEA811 -1N / 2XEA812 -2N   Recorded: 1 October 1954 / 4 April 1955 - EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road.  
NOT ON CD    Sleeve-note / EMG review >>>     Schubert 6 is especially good..


  1. many thanks hope you are doing well!


    1. Was a strapping lad before - so just regaining/ed my composure.
      But it's now really difficult to find worthwhile non CD material to upload (pre-1963) - made more difficult by little contact/requests; and it's pure guesswork whether uploading 'on CD' material is sensible.
      Perusing M.Herman's discogs it seems possible quite a number of HMV/Melodiya never made it to CD:- only a few issues were pre-1963 (ie Chopin PC1 Davidovich/Arensky PC Kaplan) but some '70's Zhukov's are missing - Medtner/Tchaikovsy/R-K/Scriabin, as well as a nice Arensky Sym.1/Suite + some Khaikin Glazunov Symphonies - Glazounov PC's + Alexeev's 1980 HMV Prokofiev PC2/3 (odd..). But am wary of uploading such vintages.
      So seem to spend more time Pondering than actually Uploading - though anyway really dislike the time hand-editing takes: the Penance of being Perfectionist: and still don't believe a FLAC sounds the same as a WAV file!

    2. Anonymous29 July, 2017

      You pose an interesting issue: FLAC versus WAV. As an actual professional audio engineer (with a background in design and high-end double blind testing procedures) I can assert that my opinion is that FLAC is *closest* to WAV of anything one might use. The problem really is that NO TWO PIECES OF AUDIO GEAR SOUND EXACTLY ALIKE, which most Luddite lowbrows deny with a derisive laugh. Well, it's so! The difficulty then is actually doing a sonic test of WAV vs FLAC and not getting caught in an apples/oranges disagreement! I have participated in the most critically controlled double blind test of audio cables, with four of the finest recording engineers in San Francisco. Four different 1-m cables tested, changed (or not) out of sight by a party who followed a plan, randomized so that there would be either NO change (incorporating a 'phony delay'); or change that might be simply a repeat of the SAME cable; etc etc--and 3 of the 4 were able to reliably spot a sort of aural signature to 2 or 3 of the cables (and the cheapest one was NEVER the worst!) Nobody could precisely, in words, quantify the exact nature of the differences; but they were there, and were REPEATABLE. So, is there any wonder that in changing data via different gear (comparing D-A converters either direct from a PC, or from a CD player) and so forth, one can hear REAL differences? Subtle ones; but ones that are REPEATABLE!

      At some point, you throw up your hands and get on with life and your task.

      I notice that I 'feel' entirely differently about the character of one of my own editing jobs, two or three weeks LATER, than on the same afternoon or evening immediately following its completion. Very occasionally I'll notice some little flub or defect, but often it seems better and more satisfying than when I'd just finished -- or, make that, GAVE UP as being 'as good as I can do, given that life is short'.

      8H Haggis

    3. Hello Stephen,
      Maybe it's some aspect of Software decoding, as editing (as WAV) in Audacity, I then discover 'transient ticks' only being 'clarified' upon the (completed!) file being replayed FLAC via Foobar, also sensing slightly less 'dynamic freedom/space'). This is why I'd originally zip WAV files (<20% compression achieved).
      I do notice the infrequent comment (as most folks seem oblivious!) about a loss of 'warmth' with FLAC. Of course 24bit-v-16bit achieves more acoustic space/dynamic expansion, even as FLAC.
      Another 24bit aspect (supposedly High Resolution files) is that LP's are inevitably (except from moi..) noise-reduced by various methods - thus noticeably lowering the LP's intrinsic resolution further. Which is why, if I feel it necessary, I do mention that - or sometimes provide an alternative download for Ancient (albeit 'mint') Vinyl...as above.

  2. I can sympathize.....but only so far....as I am no match for your skill at these transfers or the knowledge you possess of the recordings and music.

    1. Years of editing these things, by the micro-second, has possibly made me more 'knowledgeable'!

  3. Thanks for this! It looks very interesting. Thanks for your efforts!

    1. Best-Forgotten Records did a dub (bit pricier..) also of an earlier release, but this is actually very fine (lively/accurate) playing. Have a mono-only Mozart Flute+Harp concerto on Saga, but it sounds feebly-recorded (issued 1964).


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