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24/48: Ruggerio Ricci / Ernest Lush - Virtuoso Showpieces - Decca 1959

Wieniawski: Scherzo-Tarantelle, op.16   /   Elgar: La Capricieuse, op.17   /   Vecsey: Le Vent
Kroll: Banjo & Fiddle    /   Chopin /tr.Milstein: Nocturne, no.20   /   Smetana: From my Homeland, no.2 in G minor  

Suk: Burleska, op.17/4    /   Aachron /tr.Zimbalist: Hebrew Melody   /   Sarasate: Jota Aragonesa, op.27
Hubay: The Zephyr, op.30/5     /   Moszkowski /tr.Sarasate: Guitare, op.45/2   /   Bazzini: La Ronde de Lutins, op.25  
12 files 16/44 zip FLAC   Mega Download            12 files 24/48 zip XR FLAC  Mega Download

Ruggiero Ricci, violin  - Ernest Lush, piano                         24/96 1954 Sarasate LXT >>>
Decca   ECS 595  1978 pressing/matrices: ZAL3397/8 -3W.  Recorded: 5,7,9 May 1958 - Studio 1, West Hampstead.     Sleeve-note >>>


  1. So glad to see you back!!!

    1. Was spending too much time re-editing old files (for the Private blog) that nobody wanted!
      Intended doing this years back..even though it's on CD.

  2. Excellent! Thanks!


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