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24/48: Fritz Lehmann / Berlin Philharmonic - J.S.Bach. Cantata BWV 21 - DGG Archiv 1952

Johann Sebastian Bach:
CantataBWV.21. "Ich hatte viel Bekummernis"  

Gunthild WeberSoprano  ~  Helmut KrebsTenor  ~  Herman ScheyBass  ~  Karl Steins, oboe
Berliner MotettenchorBerliner Philharmoniker  conducted by  Fritz Lehmann   
16/44 FLAC Mega Download         24/48 XR FLAC Mega Download        16/44 RE-EQ FLAC Mega Download  
Deutsche Grammophon Archiv  APM 14007   1955 UK pressing / German matrices: 031497/8   Mastered: 29 October 1952 by Karl-Heinz Westphal.
Recorded: 11 June 1952 - Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin.    Pretty good sound (excellent Trumpet @ the end..)!   (also in a 55CD set)
CONTRIBUTOR'S REQUEST.. Now no auto-declick (not really needed). 1 Re-Eq file.  Inside card (no sleeve-note) /  Re-EQ screenshot >>>


  1. Thank you! Very excited to see this.

    1. If your ears are set a-tingling by the (correct, I think - Wiki says so, too) EQ - then will send you the original 'before' file as surely Bach shouldn't sound quite so exciting! (also the screen-shot gives the data to return it to RIAA)

    2. Thanks for the offer, but this sounds just fine as it is. I also have that 55-CD box set (I believe it is CD no. 2 in that set) and now can hear what it sounded like on vinyl. Cheers!

    3. 3 more versions...but CD theoretically negates the point of uploading such vinyl from the 'majors' who can package otherwise non-commercial material in such boxes.
      Strangely, DGG produced superior early mono transfers. Later 50's, supposedly RIAA releases, can be very inferior/muffled.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Bert .. think I'll upload a straight (incorrect) RIAA of this as it seems a little 'Bright' least via an old Foobar version - but not the Terratec software on a 98SE setup!
      Performance is obviously fine - side 2 especially - though a review commented upon the Soprano being 'unsteady' -but not a series that sold too well (50's) in the UK. Asked-for on account of the Conductor: I'm not aware of the Cantatas (have about 6 of the Telefunken boxes unheard + others) possibly suspecting they were written to a 'Formula'!!


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