23 March 2024

24/48: Tchaikovsky. Violin Concerto - Alfredo Campoli / LSO / Ataulfo Argenta - Decca 1956

Peter Tchaikovsky
Violin Concerto in D major, op.35  
I:  Adagio moderato  ~  II:  Canzonetta (Andante)  ~  III: Allegro vivacissimo 

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Alfredo Campoli, violin  - London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Ataulfo Argenta

London  CS 6011 (Decca SXL 2029). 1958 pressing/matrices: ZAL3456/7 -1E.  Recorded: 27-28 December 1956 - Kingsway Hall.   Sleeve-note/labels >>>

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  1. Thank you, Tin Ear, for posting this! A wonderful recording by Campoli, and one of my favorite Tchaikovsky VC recordings. It's a shame I never had a good enough copy to provide a well informed review.

    1. I said I'd gone-off (a bit) his playing style - but, technically, this is of interest - and very early 1958 pressed (my only 'pancake' with the original (mono) squared edge). The wide spacing allows a good portrayal of the dynamics (better than the SPA reissue c/w Paganini 1 movement concerto).

  2. Thank you for this wonderful concerto-recording!

    1. Glad you liked it! Came out pretty good (65+ yo pressing). His style tended to be regarded (US/UK reviews) as inappropriate for certain recordings; but this is rather nice. Have some more (but there's a recent Campoli CD set) on Decca pre 1970 LP's - Funnily, the 1961 Beethoven VC (EMI) got an enthusiastic 1979 CfP review - have that, too...only listened to bits-of as was contemplating dubbing the early CfP Leonid Kogan Beethoven + Mozart VC3/Mendelssohn - rather pricey as original's or latterday £*** LP's...