03 February 2024

24/48: George Szell / Cleveland Orchestra - Walton. Symphony 2 -&- Partita - CBS 1962

Sir William Walton: Symphony no.2    
I: Allegro molto ~ II: Lento assai ~ III: Passacaglia: Theme, Ten Variations, Fugato & Coda - Scherzando
Sir William Walton: Partita For Orchestra    
I: Toccata (brioso) ~ II: Pastorale Siciliana (andante comodo) ~ III: Giga burlesca (allegro gioviale)

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The Cleveland Orchestra  conducted by  George Szell

EMI World Records  STP 624  1966 LP/1962 SAX2459 matrices: YAX913 -3 / YAX914 -2. Recorded: a) 24 February + 3 March 1961 / b) 21 January 1959 - Severance Hall, Cleveland
Sleeve-note/label >>>   (+ Alien commentary from MrM Musicbox..)







  1. Muchas gracias por este bello archivo, saludos.

    1. El sonido y el rendimiento están bien... ¡no estoy seguro de la calidad de las composiciones!
      Bought the Symphony (coupled with his Hindemith Variations - have 1st edition SAX/US matrices of that) on CBS Classics.
      Preferred US Orchestras - Szell "La Mer" is especially good - have the UK mastered SAX + the CBS Classics - originally got that (+Don Quixote / Mozart PC19/20-Serkin) when originally on CBS Classics in 1969/70

  2. Brilliant renowned performances in very good sound fo the date. No issues on my obcenely revealing system. Blessynnges Chris

    1. I tend to think my 99pee Sony Desktop squeekers are obscenely revealing!!
      (There is a slight problem with some remaining mastering 'horns' in the matrices: not to be confused with some lousy horn-playing in the Partita second mvt).
      Mentioned the dreaded Paypal on the Bernstein post/comment..


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    Resultado de tradução
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    1. GOD ALMIGHTY - you don't fucking give-up! There Are NO Separate Tracks on the Liszt Via Crucis! The back cover only states individual parts of the SCORE! ...A photo of side 1 PROVES it has no separate tracks! - see the VIA CRUCIS POST
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