No further uploads on this Blog. The cost of equipment/internet always rises (ie: a Decca Gold cartridge is now £847..internet +15%/yr - and new/obsolete PU/stylus's have become very rare) Relying on 'some' Contributions to offset this/my time spent (Many Hours) is inappropriate (eg: 1 Contributor from Japan - but 1M+ page views..) so any new files will be on ............................ IF YOU'VE ENJOYED ANY (OR VERY MANY) OF THESE UNMOLESTED LP TRANSFERS THEN A MODEST CONTRIBUTION WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH APPRECIATED.....


24/48: Karl Munchinger / Stuttgart C.O. - Martin, Hindemith, Berkeley, Barber, Grieg - Decca 1957

Frank Martin:  Passacaille for String Orchestra
Paul Hindemith:  Five Pieces for String Orchestra, op.44/4   
Lennox Berkeley:  Serenade for Strings, op.12   
Samuel Barber:  Adagio for Strings, op.11   
4 files 16/44 zip FLAC  Mega Download               4 files 24/48 zip XR FLAC  Mega Download
Edvard Grieg:  Holberg Suite, op.40      16/44 FLAC  Mega Download              24/48 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra  conducted by  Karl Münchinger    
Decca  LXT 5153  1957 LP/matrices: ARL2929/30 -1A / -3A   ...   Decca  LW 5318  1957 10" LP/matrices: TRL676/7 -2D / -1D     
Recorded: October 1955 / 10 October 1956 - Victoria Hall, Geneva.           LW 5318 cover / sleeve-notes / EMG reviews >>>


  1. Very similar in sound & performance to your earlier Münchinger/Decca uploads - very nice! Those reviewers are hard to please..

    1. Berkeley (v.nice) & Hindemith are 'Never on CD': another 2 (LXT5177 / LXT2668) are of less interest: not much Munchinger/SCO in the catalogue; so didn't do these 'to rake-in the money'!

    2. Very good job. Enjoying this one quite a bit.

    3. Given the time these took, I'd have been Mortified to later find a CD-issue - as planned this years back - but really need a decent RCM - as this type of vinyl leaves traces of the wet-cleaning - possibly causes much of my time in removing small 'thingies'..was tempted to use minimal Izotope to remove 'everything' - but it messed the 'bright attack' of the string-tone.

  2. Replies
    1. Can't imagine anyone-else would've manually de-clicked these! (hours....hate pre-1959 Decca vinyl)

      You 'get-used' to the tempi: 'Holberg' initially seemed very studied in places..


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