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Khachaturian. Piano Concerto - Peter Katin / LSO / Hugo Rignold - Everest 1960

Aram Khachaturian:  Piano Concerto, in D flat
I: Allegro maestoso  ~  II: Andante con anima  ~  II: Allegro brillante   
Peter Katin, piano  - London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Hugo Rignold 
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Concert Hall  SMSC 2534  (originally: Everest SDBR 3055)  1969 Philips UK pressing/Turicaphon Swiss matrices.  
Recorded: 10 November 1959 - Walthamstow Assembly Hall
24/96 files - now 16/44 only...This scintillating performance (the piano has extra percussive clarity as its lid was removed..) is recently mentioned by Christopher Howell...But this isn't the rubbish Khachaturian transfer alluded to..  The tape-to-disc sound is very good and seems to be a slightly better transfer than the earlier EMI mastered WRC issue    Sleeve-note >>>


  1. Fantastic record!! And another beautiful transfer, thanks. The Khachaturian has long been a favourite of mine ever since I was a small boy, intrigued by the weird flexatone sound.

    1. Certainly is...makes Moura Lympany sound like an Arthritic OAP!!
      The LSO also play I'm glad this wasn't one of the Concert Hall's (300; all new/cost a penny each) that I palmed-off onto Oxfam, years back; as only did a quick sampling to dispose of the obvious Lemons..

      Normally these Turicaphon transfers are not to my liking as they seem compressed (and 3 later Stokowski/Everest's are none too good) - but this is really top-class and 'exciting' (the Sibelius VC/Spivakovsky may be worthwhile: also have a early '70's PYE transfer).

  2. Some thanks are due to the superb JVC X-1 'Laboratory' PU cartridge of 35 years ago (described by Stereo Review as 'the greatest magnetic cart ever produced'), and that my hit'n'miss 'repair' of #2's faulty suspension seemingly worked-out fine (so no funny waveform anomalies, this time..).

  3. I had this Concert Hall good to hear it again in your transfer. A superb interpretation. All Rignold do worthwhile too.

    1. I'll have another listen to the Paris: Sylvia/Coppelia (have a new '60s US Victrola stereo - which I passed-over in favour of the Boult) - but doubt I could make a 1953 10" Parlophone (PMD 1003: ROHO/Sylphides - in the Gordon Jacob arrangement) sound OK, as the LP transfer was really lacklustre.

  4. VERY nice transfer - thank you. Strong performance.


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