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24/48: Arthur Bliss / Sinfonia of London - Bliss. Checkmate ... Handel. Water Music ... Purcell. Act-Tunes & Dances - WRC 1960

Arthur Bliss:  "Checkmate" -  Ballet Suite
Dance of the Red Pawns - Dance of the Four Knights - Dance of the Black Queen - The Red Knight's Mazurka - The Ceremony of the Bishops - Finale

G.F.Handel:  "Water Music" - Suite - arr: Baines
Allegro - Andante con moto - Grazioso quasi allegro - Larghetto - Allegro vigoroso - Alla hornpipe

Henry Purcell:  Set of Act Tunes and Dances - arr: Bliss
Overture - Air - Sarabande - Minuet - Hornpipe

3 files 16/44 zip FLAC  Mega Download             3 files 24/48 zip XR FLAC  Mega Download

Sinfonia of London  conducted by  Sir Arthur Bliss
World Record Club  ST 52   c.1964 pressing.  EMI matrices: SW7030/1 -1     Checkmate is superior to the HMV SXLP reissue.    Sleeve-note >>>  


  1. Treasure!* Thanks! "Checkmate is superior to the HMV SXLP reissue". They often were, I have no idea why. Was it the pressings or did Anthony Griffiths clean them up? So many of his LPs have far greater detail (particularly in the lower strings) to any CD issue.
    * p.s. not a term of endearment, in case you were worrying.

    1. Quite a challenge to get 50+yo vinyl to be this quiet as side 2 is often near inherent contact-noise!
      As the Checkmate was on CD (side 2 never?) presumably recording data was provided:-Hammersmith Town Hall?? but the 1973 SXLP30153 loses the thrill'n'spaciousness of this transfer. The EMI transfer maybe dates from '63 (EMG reviewed it around then but forgot by '73 - will find those reviews). I guess A.Griffiths was the original producer; but wonder if the 1973 reissue was from Dolby copy-tapes - which somewhat 'smoothed' the sound? (side 1 Checkmate had a dud stereo filler of the Irving/Gemini valse).
      Most SXLP were recuts, except the pre-Dolby era issues - one not was the splendid Falla 3CHat/Burgos - the '75 used the '64 ASD matrices.
      Have the 3 Tchaikovsky ballets with Hollingsworth.....

  2. Thank you very much for this - I owned it years ago and am delighted to re-make its acquaintance. Interesting that the Checkmate selection is different from the published orchestral suite - I wonder if Bliss had second thoughts?



    1. This selection appears what Handley/RLPO recorded in 1978 (have the ASD/ED..and pretty-well every other British EMI LP - though missing the 50's Gorbal's, etc). Simply chosen for a 20" side-length? - thus am blissfully unaware of any other Checkmate music.

    2. I see my Chandos LP (ABR 1018/Schonzeler) is a 20" side ('Five Dances from Checkmate') and Chandos ABRD 1213 / Handley again appears the same contents as the Bliss - except it takes 25".....
      Must get around to listening to these - though I don't like the Polygram digital Chandos: inferior to the DMM Telefunken-pressed..


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