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24/48: Jean Fournet / Czech Philharmonic - Debussy. Iberia, Rondes de Printemps ... Falla. Le Tricorne - Supraphon 1963

Claude Debussy: "Iberia"
Par les rues et par les chemins  ~  Les parfums de la nuit ~  Le matin d'un jour de fete
Claude Debussy: Rondes de Printemps  
Manuel de Falla:  Le Tricorne  (El sombrero de tres picos) Les voisins  ~  Danse du meunier  ~   Danse finale
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Czech Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Jean Fournet        
Supraphon  SUAST 50614  1973 pressing / matrices: E589 -J / E590 -E.   Recorded: October 1963
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  1. Thank you Frank. There are moments when I think you have been going around snapping up things I have discarded from my collection, and then regretted. This is one of them.

    Suoraphon made a lot of excellent recordings of French music with French conductors, especially Fournet and Baudo (still with us at 90). Unexpectedly the Czech orchestras seemed to have the right sort of wind sound. I had them all, once.


    1. Hello Andrew,
      I think this came in a 'Thousand LP' collection...with lots of Supraphons; but they're So problematic for sound - as they get 'washed-out' in later mid-70's-on pressings. But this is nice (albeit limited dynamics) and really fine orchestral playing...preferable to Baudo's CPO complete Images (&Danses) from1977 (410 2429). Must admit that I've not played the 2x Franck!!!

  2. Wonderful recording. CPO always great with French (and Russian) music. Many thanks! Henry

    1. Definitely above average LP..the Russian's appear mostly Ancerl - often rather hasty/superficial. There's an interesting Prague/Fekete D'Indy/Berlioz - think that's on CD. The original A.Nevsky/Ancerl LP (1963 pressing) is surprisingly good sound.

  3. Thank you very much - great work!

    1. Transferred from an additional blog: would struggle to find similarly excellent Supraphon's..


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