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24/48: Martinu. Violin Concerto 2 - Bruno Belcik / Prague SO / Neumann - Supraphon 1962

Bohuslav Martinu:
Violin Concerto no.2  
I: Andante  ~  IIAndante moderato  ~  III: Poco allegro  
Bruno Belcikviolin  - Prague Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Vaclav Neumann   

16/44 FLAC    Mega Download           24/48 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Supraphon  SUAST 50386   Recorded c.1961.  1971 pressing.   NOT ON CD    Superior to the later Josef Suk version.. 
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    1. Thought I'd removed all the 'comment' facilities last night! (am totally pissed-off with the situation..) but may leave them here until the removal of external posts info.
      This really is considerably superior to the 1974 Suk LP of #1/#2 - and is in very decent sound..have some more Martinu which appear to be LP-only - but my SUA 10135 La Jolla/2 Canzona is unusable due to disc-processing 'hissy noises'....the others are 'in copyright'...

  2. I'm not sure where to post - this is the right title, wrong cover - that is over at Pristine - but anyway - will you be posting the piano concerto also from the LP ?

    1. Ha! It's the right cover for the 'Private' (contributors) blog - so this post would anyway vanish when the next 'Pristine' blog post was announced..
      There's nothing wrong with the PC3 - except it's (a)on CD and (b)less-well recorded/transferred so don't see that as essential.
      1110 2338 PC5/2PC + 110 1348 Cello C.1..Vln/Pf Conc (eg) are not on CD and would've transferred those for 'Private' - but the members there cannot be bothered to comment either - or request anything - let alone the 2010-2 posts available 'if wanted'...quite amazing..
      Hence 'The Situation'..maybe another Blogger has these: sorry - and best of luck!


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