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24/48: Vaughan Williams. Symphony 4 - London Philharmonic / Sir Adrian Boult - Decca 1954

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  Symphony no.4 in F minor

I: Allegro  ~  II: Andante moderato  ~  III: Scherzo -Allegro molto  ~  IV: Finale con Epilogo Fugato -Allegro molto

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London Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Adrian Boult

Decca  LXT 2909  1957 matrices/1959 LP: ARL1977-1DR / ARL1978 -2DR     Recorded: 2,3,5 December 1953 - Kingsway Hall
Sleeve-note / very unenthusiastic EMG review >>>   1937 Composers version >>>


  1. Those reviewers...ha-ha! I really tried listening closely but couldn't find one of the passages of sluggish and out-of-touch playing they complain about.

    Thanks for another close to(?) perfect transfer...and those horns never sounded better! 24/96 format really does justice to them.

    1. Was going to do the 3rd ('Pastoral') but it's a teensy bit boring...and apparently these blog/s got a mention in the June RVW Journal (subscription) - so did this instead of Sargent's BBC 'Planets'.
      Had 2 copies (and lots more of the others) so hand-cleaned one: basically a 'perfect' surface; not sure an RCM would be as good!
      The playing is rather under-par - affects British orchestras of the period.
      Sounds OK - 24/48 would've been fine as the recorded treble isn't overly extended...but these are 'raw' - no de-click.

    2. Interesting - if this playing is sub-par I must admit not to quite understand the English musical idiom of the period!

      Frequencies of course vary every recording, but at least the increased 24-bit resolution of the sound always makes the digital practically indistinct from analogue for me.

      PS: Since I almost never 'vote', I'll take this opportunity to say that I for one would be very interested in hearing Boult/RVW Pastoral. Nothing wrong with the other Sargent/Holst performance you've already made :)

    3. Close editing revealed faults in playing: a lack of 'drive' - and woodwind were often tentative. but I've not compared this to the 1967 NPO version (not heard in 20years) - but the 1937 version is on HISTORICAL.

      The most apt for today was the 'Pastoral' (or 'Morning Heroes' - Bliss) but it has long passages of very quiet material. Also checked the 1-sided ACL version from 1969 - still good as sound - but the 'Wasps' suite is what's worthwhile - intended doing that years back... maybe I'll add it to this - have 2 ACL sets + first edition 1954 LXT's.

    4. Thanks for pointing those out, will see tomorrow if I can spot them, if so, think I'll have learned something about listening.

      Oh yes, now I remember you have expressed weariness at some slow/quiet passages before :) So that's probably why for you the Pastoral is boring..

    5. Not so much 'boring' as the thought of 20+ minutes music barely above inherent 'groove/contact-noise' - which could take vast hours of editing-away 'teensy litle things'.
      Very quiet music wasn't 'designed' for vinyl LP....unless 'someone' slaps-on dollops of Aural Vaseline.

  2. Replies
    1. Now, this was a Doddle to edit: lovely noisy score - and lovely Decca pressing!


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