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24/96: Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt / Hamburg Radio - Tchaikovsky. Symphony 5 - Decca 1953

Peter Tchaikovsky:
Symphony no.5 in E minor, op.64    
I:  Andante - Allegro con anima   ~   II:  Andante cantabile con alcuna licenza  
III:  Valse (Allegro moderato)   ~   IV:  Finale (Andante maestoso - Allegro vivace)
2 files zip 16/44  FLAC  Mega Download             2 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC   Fichier Download
Hamburg Radio Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt  
Decca  ACL 3   (LXT 2758)  1958 LP/c.1956/7 matrices: ARL1415 -1DR / ARL1416 -2DR.      
Recorded: c.September/October 1952 - Hamburg (Telefunken).   Hugely time-consuming  (and '1.3' de-click: with over 180,000 'corrections')
NOT ON CD       Sleeve-note / EMG review >>>   


  1. Many thanks for a wonderful blog. I was fascinated to see this Tchaikovsky 5. I purchased a second hand copy about 50 years ago but it disappeared a while back. I would love to hear it again but I am getting insecure connection warnings when trying to download from Fichier. Is there please any possibility of uploading to a different file host?

    1. The additionally saved 16/44 FLAC is now on Mega.
      Fichier is (was...) needed for larger files as my Mega a/c is 99% full...and am not prepared to pay for additional storage...though can use Zippyshare <200MB; but this was initially placed on an intended 'private' blog last week..

      An original ACL 'Pancake' pressing (+ rice-paper inner sleeve): would've much preferred using a slightly later pressing.... The 24/96 is superior to the 16/44 of course.

  2. Many thanks. You're very kind and it's much appreciated.


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