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24/96: Miklos Rozsa / Frankenland S.O. - Rozsa. Concert Overture, 3 Hungarian Sketches, Theme, Variations & Finale - MCA 1957

Miklos Rozsa:
Overture to a Symphony Concert, op.26           24/96 XR FLAC   Mega Download
Three Hungarian Sketches, op.14                     24/96 XR FLAC   Mega Download
Theme, Variations & Finale, op.13                    24/96 XR FLAC   Mega Download
3 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
Frankenland Symphony Orchestra (Nuremberg)  conducted by  The Composer   
Varese-Sarabande  VC 81058  (US Decca  DL-9966)  1978 US LP.   Recorded: 1957  
Don't have the accompanying 'film score' release: too mean to spend £10 on eBay.  This LP sounds better than the UK RCA Gold Seal reissue of his 1966 Italian recordings (originally LSC 2802) ..the performances also appear superior...     Not on CD.     Sleeve-note + RCA sleeve-note >>>
This apparently had a dreadful, faked, French CD dubbing a few years back (also on Naxos, with the other one) filmscoremonthly


  1. Thank you very much. Hope you are doing well

    1. Glad someone liked it... my last Varese-Sarabande classical LP - have about 50 new TER musicals/soundtracks discs which include VS titles. - the Mauceri-conducted Rodgers 3 Ballets is splendid...

      Walked 3.5miles yesterday - still recovering from the effects of the last mile....

  2. Take care, and, don't over do it, my wife tends to push things beyond the beneficial. It's very easy to damage things that need a slow recovery to get back to where they were.
    Thanks again for all your wonderful sharing! Be well!!!


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