24/48: Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt / Hamburg Radio - Dvorak. Symphony 7, Slavonic Dances / Brahms. Hungarian Dances - Decca 1953

Antonin Dvorak:  Symphony no.7 in D minor, op.70
I: Allegro maestoso ~ II: Poco adagio ~ III: Scherzo - Vivace ~ IV: Finale - Allegro  
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Decca  ACL 126  (LXT 2807)  1961 LP/c.1957 matrices: ARL 1590 -1DR / ARL 1591 -1DR  

Antonin Dvorak:  Slavonic Dances,
No.1 in C major, op.46  ~  No.2 in E minor, op.46  ~  No.3 in A flat major, op.46  ~  No.16 in A flat major, op.72
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Johannes Brahms:  Hungarian Dances,  
No.1 in G major  ~ No.2 in D minor (arr: A. Hallen)  ~ No.3 in F major   ~   No.5 in G minor (arr: A.Palow)  ~ No.6 in D major (arr: A.Palow)  ~ No.7 in A major (arr: A. Hallen)   ~   No.10 in F major
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Decca  ACL 23  (LXT 2814)  1959 LP/c.1957 matrices: ARL 1593 -2DR / ARL 1592 -2DR  
Hamburg Radio Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt    
NOT ON CD    Recorded: 23-25 March 1953 - Kingsway Hall.    LXT sleeve covers/notes / 1953 RFH Concert reviews >>> 


  1. Thank you - the transfer seems just about perfect, with astonishingly bright sound. Assume you didn't need to apply any click repair - even though, I didn't note a single defect in the sound!? Also, musically speaking, the best rendition of the symphony I've heard (have Kertesz and N. Järvi.)

    Look forward to 'the fillers'!

    1. Just come in from my continuing 'Muslim look-alike' efforts...Orange Juice'n'Ice refresher...

      Actually, this has the same de-click setting as for 'The Planets' (and also the Poulet) - with a very slight treble increase.

      Not sure it was suitable in this case; the transfer was already rather bright/bass-light..anyway, it slightly smoothed some raggedness in the sound - also I increased side 1 by 1.5dB, as it was under-scored..mvt.2 is rather lax... mvt.3 is very nicely paced.

      That's why it was 'flawless'......

      But the recording, overall, as with 'the fillers', is not as 'clean' as some earlier Decca's..slight woodwind discoloration in places.

      The Kertesz/LSO is about my favourite Decca orchestral (a 1968 recut on SXL).

      The other LP probably would be very easy to transfer - but...The Sun beckons...

    2. Well, if Lawrence of Arabia managed it, why not you?!

      Actually I have Decca's Kertesz/Dvorak LP boxset, but even with washing twice I haven't been able to eliminate an annoying crackle (sounds static) that mars the listening/transfer...so I have given up on them for the time being before I know how to proceed more effectivelly without wearing them unduly.

      At any rate, the detail in the instrument sounds is remarkable after de-clicking (same, indeed, as with the Planets - but I like the sound of this a little better), which is why I thought you didn't use any.

    3. Interesting that Decca forked over the cash to bring the Hamburg group over to the UK to do the recording. They had no studio space available in Hamburg at the time?

    4. Needless to say ...they were 'On Tour' - have added the x2 'Times' reviews of their RFH concerts.

      Will get around to the other LP when there's a break' in this 'glorious weather'..

  2. You Tease!
    I'd already written that - (taken from the CHARM info..but I never bothered with Producer/Engineer info - and doubt Culshaw fulfilled both roles ... missing 'engineer' in that listing.
    These LP's sound very different to the original LXT matrices; not always to advantage, because of the brightness - but I cannot spare the time to edit 'Geon' vinyl.
    I'm delaying the 'Dances' as want to see if there's also space on HISTORICAL for x4LP's - the 1988 HMV Chaliapin box - well-filled sides..to finish-off Mega..


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