24/48: Gaston Poulet / LSO - Albeniz. Iberia / Granados / Falla / Turina - EMI 1954

Isaac Albeniz /orch. Fernandez Arbos:  "Iberia" - suite
1: Evocation ~ 2: El Puerto ~ 3: El Corpos en Sevilla ~ 4: Triana ~ 5: El Albaicin
24/48 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Enrique Granados:  "Goyescas" - Intermezzo  /  Manuel de Falla:  "La Vida Breve" - Interlude and Danza   
Josquin Turina:  "La Procesion del Rocio", op.9           3 files zip 24/48 XR FLAC  Mega Download
The above: 4 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download   
London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Gaston Poulet   
EMI Music for Pleasure  MFP 2083  (Parlophone PMC 1006)  1968 LP/matrices: 2XMG47 -3 / 2XMG48 -3 
Recorded: 30 June/1 July 1953 - EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road        Not on CD


  1. Anonymous20 June, 2015

    Thank you, Frank, a wonderful compilation (used to be on a Dutton CD 'Spanish Favourites' years ago) and superbly transferred by you. There was also a Parlophone LP of Poulet conducting Ravel, but it's quite rare.

    1. 'Not on OFFICIAL CD'..
      EMI's slapdash processing precluded a prior intended upload, years back; but this LP is a 'must hear' - Ansermet's version is threadbare compared to the gorgeous playing/sound here.
      All the MGM/Parlophone LP's are pretty scarce - surprisingly there's been no CD reissue of that series - only around one other had a part-LP reissue (except for the Kodaly/Dohnanyi on the other blog) - and, as there, the original LP's would not be very detailed - so am happy someone likes this !!!

  2. Am listening at this moment and like very much. Many thanks and hope you are feeling much better.

    1. Unlikely to get 'much better' without massively more exercise...which precludes spending time editing these things - so am re-organising the files to, hopefully, allow all current posts to be placed in the 50GB Mega allocation...though Zippyshare HISTORICAL material is constantly/'massively' downloaded - but closing/suspending these blogs would inevitably lead to some '30 day' deletions.

      This type of 'non-celebrity' upload is less popular (no matter how good..and some MfP's are very fine mono reissues - Steinberg's 1953 'Pastoral' actually derives from Decca's original CTL matrices...)

  3. Anonymous23 June, 2015

    Mega download does not work, why?

    1. If Mega didn't..then it would have saved me bothering from continuing a couple of years ago, when Hotfile was zapped by The Feds.
      I uploaded quite a few files on the 21st...using Firefox..and one of these was a POULET..and it downloads OK (rather slower than usual)..see screenshot - so use Firefox...

  4. Hi Tin Ear,

    No possibility to leave comment on your other blogspot.

    Ref your comment: "A Reminder of those Halcyon days when the C-in-C wasn't a Kenyan Muslim....."

    Do we put this down to your illness!!!????

    Very un-PC.

    Putting me off your blog now - or have I misread/misinterpreted it? I wonder why no room for comments?

    No need for this. They have enough prejudice within the US already without you adding to it.

    Do hope that you overcome these temporary set-backs to your recovery.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.


    Douglas (UK)

    1. No comments are now available on that Blog: Period - it being Archived..
      No need to visit if you just want Nursery Niceties...especially as I've indicated no new uploads for reasons, already provided hereabouts....My Health is much more important..
      Have some Soothing Syrup on me!

  5. Anonymous24 June, 2015

    Hi TE, thanks for these. I don't seem to have any other recordings by Poulet, but I rely on serendipity rather than cataloguing so perhaps some will surface. Good to see you hard at work, but do try to get the exercise!

    1. Hello Andrew
      My Mouse got lots of exercise with this one...as EMI adopted lax quality-control - a shame, as there are some inherently 'superior to original' transfers on MfP (ie Lympany/Grieg PC).
      There' s only space on Mega for 2x mono 24/96+16/44 on this blog + an Historical LP, if I transfer the remaining Zippys..so it's best I 'take a break', and maybe get another ISP - although am now totally bored with the 'net..but at least I'm discovering that I've some rather nice LP's - never heard most of the mono Elgar Boult box - bought 30 years ago in an HMV sale!

    2. Anonymous25 June, 2015

      Oh yes, the mono Elgar Boult Box. Well worth a iisten, especially Falstaff - the interludes are very bucolic., I think I heard them described as sounding as though recorded in a village hall (which is fine by me). Dream Children brings tears to the eyes. Some have appeared on Testament but I never bothered to get them,.I hope I'm about to rediscover them- my latest wilderness years are over and I now have all my LPs in one place ready to be rediscovered.
      Take a break and do some listening instead.

    3. Very impressive sound for the earliest '49/'50 (Symphony 1/Falstaff..which has traces of 'hum') but lots to catch-up on (superb Chaliapin 4LP box bought in '89 from Farringdons) ) aside from the recent eBay bargins/previous substantial 15-20 years back Auction wins.....

      Not sure I wish to retain (now expensive) Home Internet -previously subsidised by eBay electronic/turntable stuff - near-vanished or stupidly expensive..(5-10 times increase).

      Of course, I may discover that I'm not really that interested in Classical Music any more !!! - so 'cash-in' the collection/gear...

      Enjoy yours, too...don't know if you've any 'requests' - (aside from Franck's Symphony - I've the Munch/Paris - also the mono Cantelli/HMV) and just about all the old English Music LP's are on CD by now - so might finish the current 'phase' with the Schmidt-Isserstedt, above + Tchaikovsky 5 ...???

  6. First time I burst out laughing on a comment in here, ref. above comment on 'prejudice' regarding the C-in-C! I'm afraid the problems with his "commanding" (such as it is) has little to do with prejudice and more with facts and actions :/ Anyway...

    Your recent uploads have been in the 'interesting' category for me, don't know what to make of them on first, or second, listen! But many thanks, I'd never get to hear them without your efforts.

    So the storage limit is finally starting to be an actual and not just projected threat. It's hard to imagine you wouldn't get enough donations to purchase unlimited space per month, it's not that expensive - if you're not totally disinterested in the whole thing already.

    As for those pictured above, Dvorak's 7th is not a common work and having a rendition of that in the quality of your transfer would be very nice - so my little vote would go for that one if one vote per 'customer'.

    1. Well..he's certainly no 'War Hero', unlike Eisenhower, and to a lesser degree, J.F.Kennedy!!!! (Superman was debarred from The Presidency, having been born on Krypton...old 'storyline' I read around that time!)

      First I cleared 5GB by uploading FLAC's instead of the linked WAV's - then I've just removed some 24/96 stereos from here..so there's a theoretical 1GB left on Mega.

      I see one of the linked blogs has been zapped by Mega (not really surprising) ..and I do have a 'Fichier' a/c - but have never uploaded to them ..but it's 'free' 60day retention - or 'Premium'/fast €10/year or €50 'lifetime' ..though unsure if I'd snuff-it before them....which is irrelevant, compared to my phone/broadband fees @£450/year..but might see what their 'free' download speeds are.

      The Issersdedt I've on mint ACL (LXT recuts) reissues - as well as the originals - though if I wet-clean the Symphony LP there may be slight 'groove hiss', or something - not sure - the Dances are very nicely performed - only on an (old) Jap CD, it seems...heard these LP's only a few weeks back..

      If not, I'm sure you'd like the Elgar's - an easy transfer; being my new 1983 discs..and vintage-wise would fit with the other Boultii on HISTORICAL.

      I seem to have devoted much of the past 2months to sunbathing - and really am better - except for the slightly 'wafty' LH side..so The Blogs, apart from the Busch-burst of activity, have been less important.


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