24/96: Roger Desormiere / Paris Conservatoire - Les Sylphides ... Sleeping Beauty - Decca 1950/1

Frederic Chopin / Orchestrated by Alexander Gretchaninov:  "Les Sylphides" -  Ballet  (arr: Desormiere)
Nocturne (op.32/2) ~ Valse (op.70/1) ~ Mazurka (op.33/2) ~ Mazurka (op.67/3) ~ Prelude (op.28/7) ~ Valse (op.64/2) ~ Grande Valse Brillante (op.18)
24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download

Peter Tchaikovsky:  "The Sleeping Beauty", op.66  - Suite:  Introduction (Prologue) ~ Finale, Act.1 (The Lilac Fairy) ~ Pas d'action, Act.2 ~ Pas de caractere (Puss in Boots & the White Cat), Act.3 ~ Panorama, Act.2 ~ Valse, Act.3
Both as: 2 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
L'Orchestre de la Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire de Paris  conducted by  Roger Desormiere    
Decca  ACL 8  1959 pressing/matrices: ARL1799 -1HR / ARL899 -3ER   Rec: 22 February 1950 / 15-20 June 1951 - La Maison de la Mutualite, Paris
Originally: LM4511 / LXT2610    Tchaikovsky: Sept.2010  files re-edited May 2012  -  Les Sylphides... Not on CD


  1. I like Roger Désormière; Les Sylphides is not exactly my taste, but I like to hear as much as possible from Désormière, conducting, so thanks very mnuch for your transfer, and a very healthy happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year and thank you so much for this, Desormiere was a very fine conductor, Les Sylphides was not my favorite piece of music but hearing the clear sound of the PCO is a really pleasure. Thank you for the 96/24, now I have a PC that allows me to listen clearly in that resolution (the precedent have a lot of hum in the onboard SC output, not in the line-in TG, so I use a the 48/16 Behringer interfase of my Xenyx mixer)
    I hope you have more time to listen music but don´t forget us, your greatful collectors and downloaders :)
    All the best.

    1. Happy New Year to you!

      I'm not sure how much Desormiere was responsible for this (aside from the 'arranging') - and hopefully you have just downloaded Sylphides as (because I'd retained the Audacity 'project') decided to remove a few more 'blemishes' (mostly groove 'horns') - and had needed to record with a 3-4dB.increase compared to normal cutting-levels..

      This may be slighly clearer, too, because I re-arranged my 1978 Meridian/B&W system - so had spare VdH D300 III 1.5m cables (silver plated) - so used those for the Phono link to the soundcard on another system.

      I've managed to clear 6GB from Mega by uploading FLAC's; but these older pressings really are time-consuming compared to later vinyl - so am a bit bored (by now) especially as it seems I've not played most of my collection..

      I'm going to try a few more turntable set-ups when I (finally) install the Jelco 750D onto the Thorens 126 and put the SME 3009 back onto the 124.
      Have just set up an SME Series 3 on another recent deck - so may try that for some 33rpm transfers of 78's as have installed a Shure V15/3 into one of the spare SME arm wands (the cartridge fitted in the pic is a Shure M95HE - have lots of new Shure stylii for that (and the M97) - including a 78 - but the V15/3 is better ).

      That 1936 'Don Giovanni' in the 1981 French EMI set is amazingly good sound - and would be an easy edit (I think)

      I used a JVC X-1 cartridge again as hum is very low compared to a Decca (10dB less)

  3. Thank you and I look forward to listening.

    Happy New Year

    1. Hello..and Greetings to you (and thank you for the interest you've shown!).

      In fact, this was supposed to have been the LXT reissue of the Not on CD Fistoulari/New SO "Graduation Ball"' (J.Strauss) but got bogged-down editing the copy (1 of 2) - so took an easier path - as this Tchaikovsky hadn't been available here for several years; though earlier-on was enjoying the 1952 Hamlet/1812 LPO/Boult on another early ACL whilst adjusting the above rig..

  4. It seems not to be too late to express my best wishes for a happy and healthy year

    and of course :
    THank you for your efforts which may no tbe understood by some consumers of your work

    regards from Germany

    1. I'll try to find 'a cure' for the white hairs I've acquired over these 5 years...as it's unhealthy/stressful doing these transfers!

      I do wonder how many listen to them via 'proper' HiFi systems: my objective is to get extremely close to 'live LP replay' - more achievable with 24/96 - but am sure computer playback compromises the dynamics/etc.

      Greetings for your New Year, too


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