No further uploads on this Blog. The cost of equipment/internet always rises (ie: a Decca Gold cartridge is now £847..internet +15%/yr - and new/obsolete PU/stylus's have become very rare) Relying on 'some' Contributions to offset this/my time spent (Many Hours) is inappropriate (eg: 1 Contributor from Japan - but 1M+ page views..) so any new files will be on ............................ IF YOU'VE ENJOYED ANY (OR VERY MANY) OF THESE UNMOLESTED LP TRANSFERS THEN A MODEST CONTRIBUTION WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH APPRECIATED.....


24/96: Ernest Ansermet / Paris Conservatoire - Prokofiev. Symphony 1 ~ Glinka ~ Borodin ~ Mussorgsky - Decca 1953

Serge Prokofiev:  Symphony no.1 in D major, op.25  ("Classical")
I: Allegro con brio  ~  II: Larghetto  ~  III: Gavotte  ~  IV: Allegro vivace  
Mikhail Glinka:  "Russlan & Ludmilla" - overture  
Alexander Borodin:  "On the Steppes of Central Asia" 
Modest Mussorgsky:  "Night on the Bare Mountain" (arr: Rimsky-Korsakov)  
4 files zip 16/44  FLAC  Mega Download          4 files zip 24/96  XR FLAC   Mega Download
L'Orchestre de la Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire de Paris  conducted by  Ernest Ansermet 
Decca  ACL 123  (LXT 2833)  1967 pressing / 1961 matrices: ARL1760 -1LR / ARL1761 -1NR 
Recorded: 15-19 / 22-25 June 1953 - La Maison de la Mutualite, Paris
Presumably this was recorded with an EMI tape-recorder - as the frequency-range extends to almost 30kHz - thus the 24/96 files are rather superior (and 4x larger).   Difficult surfaces to edit 'to near-perfection' (which, of course, you require)      ACL 123 sleeve / LXT 2833 sleeve-note >>>


  1. many thanks as ever. I confess to being completely selfish in downloading this: my own LP collection (which contains the ACL) is still inaccessible at present, so you have made this one available to me. Do you happen to know if the ACL was a straight repressing or was it re-edited?
    Andrew Smith

    1. Hello Andrew.
      Nope: this was a re-cut done for the 1961 issue (I can tell, as it still has the off-centre run-out groove which Decca finally dispensed-with in 1961 for their mono's).

      Have the near-first pressing from 1953- which is 1B/4B - one of the numerous Decca Sonic Lemons I'd bought in 1986 (also have the Lindenberg Chabrier/Bizet in original/ACL issues) and which I'd no intention of trying to edit - and the original LXT of this is nowhere as good in any event -though it possibly had a recut previous to this ACL.

      The Prokofiev is a bit 'pedantic' - also have the SXL of the Suisse version, etc....quite a nice LP.

    2. I have that Lindenberg ACL as well! I know little about him but see that there are quite a few CDs, including a Brahms cycle. Do I need another? On the evidence of the Chabrier he was rather pedestrian. My reference point in Chabrier is always Ansermet; only a dry former professor of mathematics could encourage the trombone raspberries in Espana. It must be akin to directing high comedy on stage - not playing for laughs makes it funnier. I digress, as usual.

    3. I agree: I find the Lindenberg rather an 'uninspiring' listen - hence have never bothered with a transfer (despite it being 'Not on CD') - but EMG always liked it....

  2. Replies
    1. You are welcome!
      Even though uploads now get little response the next on here may be mono 1956/54 Szell/Cleveland Wagner/Dvorak.Piano C (Firkusny) - not on legit CD (unless someone cares to say they are - in which case I won't bother - even though they should be much easier to edit than this.)..

  3. Another 'Labor of Lurve' on my part: and there was I thinking it would be an easy transfer!
    Anyway; one of my favourite 'demo' LP's of that vintage (at least this release..)

  4. Dear Tin Ear: I am looking for an old LP by Bernstein/NYPO: William Schuman´s Concerto on Old English Rounds for Viola, Women's Chorus and Orchestra. Maybe you´ve got it. Thanks!! Gabriel

  5. Hello Gabriel,
    Many US Columbia's (this is c.1976) didn't get UK-released - and don't recall this (though have Bernstein's NYPO Britten LP from that period) - which anyway is beyond what I make available (ie it's post-1963) - though obviously would prefer to transfer more recent vinyl than I usually do!

    1. Anyway, thanks a lot. Your transfers are wonderful! Gabriel

  6. Eventually I figured how to 'activate' the rear soundcard jack-socket (via the software control-panel) - instead of going through about a metre of internal ribbon-cable from the break-out box; so the reduced cabling should be a bit superior.

  7. As noted before..'perfection' can easily be achieved by slapping-on 'noise-reduction'..the baby then exiting via the bath-water.
    As you can also see, I likely daren't now engage in further prolonged editing-sessions - and doing itsy-bitsy Audacity 'project saves' would probably lead to few transfers being completed; thus wouldn't rate the chances of my continuing to be particularly high.....and would intend 'fully-recovering' beforehand.
    I'm sure other folks could engage in this lark..assuming that there's any real point in it.


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