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24/48: Oskar Danon / Royal Philharmonic - Rimsky-Korsakov ~ Saint-Saens ~ Dvorak ~ Smetana ~ Enescu ~ Stravinsky ~ Prokofiev - Readers Digest 1962/3

Rimsky-Korsakov:  Capriccio Espagnol  /   Le Coq d'Or - March
Saint-Saens:  Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso, op.28*   
Dvorak:  The Golden Spinning-Wheel, op.109      
Smetana:  The Bartered Bride - overture      
Enescu:  Roumanian Rhapsody No.1 in A, op.11/1         
6 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download          6 files zip 24/48 XR FLAC 
Stravinsky:  Petrouchka     16/44 FLAC   Mega Download          24/48 XR FLAC   
Prokofiev:  The Love For Three Oranges - suite, op.33a         16/44 FLAC  Mega Download              24/48 XR FLAC  
*Raymond Cohen, violin - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Oskar Danon     
Readers Digest  STEREO  RDS632 10LP(1968)... RDS509 8LP(1966)... RDS502 12LP(1963)
Decca pressings/matrices: 2K..1K/2K/3K..1G/1G   Recorded: 11-16 February 1962 // 10-11 December 1962 & 29 April 1963 - Walthamstow Assembly Hall.
* Rene Leibowitz  stated on label/sleeve + it appears Danon also conducted Weber's 'Oberon' overture.. Some of these  Not on CD


  1. Too late!
    The blog isn't currently accessible - and deleted all the links.
    It may well return when I've got some more file-space (aside from Zippy).

    24/96 allows greater naturalism due to the higher resolution (even though the treble of these LP's doesn't go ultra-high).

    Recently discovered the soundcards 'line-in' was preferable to the pickup cartridge direct - not what I was expecting - but there's about 2ft of cable from the breakout-box to the card - which would affect low-level signals more - though all previous 24/96 were direct from the control unit...only the recent 78's were direct from the Shure V15/3 - as could then make a non-RIAA 33rpm dub for later editing - with improved (?) results.

  2. Dear TinEar, many thanks as always. Like Byrd I owned many of the RD LPs and snapped up as many of the Chesky CDs as I could, but only ever found the Petrouchka by Danon (Its possible that some of his performances are scattered among the LP box sets, which turn up in charity shops from time to time). The RPO always seemed to play superbly for RD - perhaps they got on well with Charles Gerhardt. Take my thanks as read: I frequently cannot find the "comment" option.
    Andrew Smith

  3. My goodness, those are tacky t-shirts he peddles - guess he's 'an institution' now...! Think the expression is something like 'takes the giddy biscuit'. LOL! Sales must be doing fine, then..

  4. His clueless/gullible punters should definitely be 'institutionalized': they probably think that crap constitutes a 'unique design' as I've jazzed-them-up :~))

  5. Don't be dubious about the French Leibowitzes. He started with second-rate Parisian orchestras in the early 50's and got great results. His stereo stuff with top line French orchestras is even better.

    You're right about Basile, and also Freccia. Nothing much there at all.

    BTW, if you're still having trouble with large file size, experiment with 24/48. It's the 24 bits that make the difference, not the inaudible.

    1. Not the inaudible 96.

    2. Presumably the frequency-range of 24/48 is limited to 24kHz..sufficient for all/most LP's - except those Decca mono's extending to c.30kHz.
      I think the software has that option, but file-size is not currently too relevant, as I've only 5GB left on Mega, so need another account.
      As Mega don't show download data, I'd have no idea if that would be preferred to 'the standard' 24/96, or if it would be a problem..unless there were some complaints!

  6. Why do you insist on this extreme resolution when it was recorded in mmuch lowerr resolution? This does not amke sense Anyway THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT YUGOSLAV PERSON Oskar Danon

    1. There were also 16/44 files - but I needed the space on Mega...(Petrushka is linked from an Audiophile site)
      24/96 are always superior. Maybe I'll replace them with 16/44 on Mega - too late for you!

  7. Ifiscier DO NOT WORK at all!
    I am from Serbia I must get that Oskar Danon recording FULL! PLEASE


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