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24/48: Karl Haas / London Baroque - Dvorak. Wind Serenade / Gounod. Petite Symphonie - Parlophone 1951/1953

Antonin Dvorak:  Serenade in D minor, op.44    I: March  ~  II: Minuet and Trio  ~  III: Adagio  ~  IV: Finale (Rondo)          
(Sidney Sutcliffe / Natalie James, oboes - Jack Brymer / Basil Tchaikov, clarinets - Dennis Brain / Neill Sanders / Ian Beers, horns -
Cecil James / Edward Wilson / Peter Parry, bassoons - John Shinebourne, 'cello - James Merrett, double-bass)

Charles Gounod:  Petite Symphonie     I: Adagio et allegretto  ~  II: Andante cantabile  ~  III: Scherzo (Allegro moderato)  ~  IV: Finale (Allegretto)
(Gareth Morris, flute  - Sidney Sutcliffe / Natalie James, oboes - Jack Brymer / Gervase de Peyer, clarinets - Dennis Brain / Neill Sanders, horns - Cecil James / Peter Parry, bassoons)
2 files zip 16/44 FLAC   Mega Download                 2 files zip 24/48 XR FLAC    
The London Baroque Ensemble  conducted by  Karl Haas    
HMV  XLP 30011  1963 LP/matrices: 2XEA2281 -1N / 2XEA2282 -3N   Recorded: 6/7 Dec.1951 & 24 Dec.(Nov.?)1953.
The Gounod is a first issue and  Not on CD.    Sleeve-note / EMG review >>>


  1. With the exception of the PYE Strauss/Arnell/Kay (have an awful cassette) they otherwise recorded for Parlophone Strauss' Wind Symphony (have the original:that the only other XLP reissue) - and possibly sounds better there - as EMG mentioned this Dvorak XLP was much better than the 10" LP).

    So apart from the Beethoven/PYE + Schubert's Konzertstuck (have both) - everything else appears 'Baroque-era' on Westminster/Parlophone (only have one Westminster -but most Parlophone) and almost completely neglected in terms of CD reissue.

    This is a very nice LP - deleted within a couple of years (Barbirolli's same coupling is also very good/sounding on PYE CCL - also the 1967 GSGC stereo G.Guinea).

    I did upload this Gounod in 2009 - possibly also the Dvorak - but these should be 'near-flawless'..

  2. Thank you very much. Here's what Warren LaMotte said in "The Long Playing Record Guide"

    "A most engaging work, beautifully played and recorded with clarity"

    1. Have added the (rather inconsequential) EMG review.

      There is better clarity than in most of the (very early..) Haas Parlophone LP's - though the Gounod seems to suffer more from some 'flutter-echo'; presumably Abbey Road?

      A good coupling - my first was the 1971 de Waart/Netherlands Wind Ens. Philips LP..though I don't have the earlier Decca LXT - which was superseded, according to EMG, by the 1959 Barbirolli (more bucolic in tone-colouring compared to the London players here.)..

  3. Wonderful music. Need more be said??

  4. This performance of the Dvorak Serenade is absolutely superior, the Gounod also being excellent.

    Thanks a lot for this beautiful transfer..

  5. Thank you for these, altogether better paced than the Barbirolli accounts. Main snag is the Finale of the Serenade is missing its first note (an upbeat). Does anyone know why? Roger

    1. Very observant.
      Don't have the original 10" disc (PMB1001) so can't confirm whether it's also 'clipped' there: that transfer would likely be too bad to notice!
      Have 10 original Haas LP's - not all on CD - and not all are particularly 'successful'.


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