24/48: Aeolian String Quartet play... Elgar. Quartet -&- Vaughan Williams. Quartet 1 - Delta/Summit 1963

Sir Edward Elgar:  String Quartet in E minor, op.83
I: Allegro moderato  ~  II: Piacevole (Poco andante)  ~  III: Finale (Allegro molto)   
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Ralph Vaughan Williams:  String Quartet no.1 in G minor
I: Allegro moderato  ~  II: Minuet and Trio  ~  III: Romance (Andante sostenuto)  ~  IV: Finale (Rondo capriccioso)  
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The Aeolian String Quartet     
(Sydney Humphreys  &  Raymond Keenlyside, violins - Watson Forbes, viola - Derek Simpson, 'cello)
Summit  TLS 6052   STEREO   Scarce c.1966 LP.  Originally: mono Delta  DEL 12025; RVW reissued c.1970 (Revolution RCB 20).     Not on CD   
Excellent performances in very good sound (have resisted the temptation to slightly 'brighten' them).
Quite smooth-surfaced 'anon' pressing, but with numerous 'blips' that needed editing-away.   The 1933 Stratton Qt version of Elgar St.Qt. is on  HISTORICAL       Sleeve-note >>>


  1. Wonderful! I have the Aeolian SQ in a box with Haydn SQ's, a very good quartet! Thanks for sharing, beautiful playing.

  2. Wonderful post, Frank: marvellous playing, excellent sound, what more could one ask for? A rarity for sure, but worth wide dissemination. Thanks very much!

  3. Could you possibly upload this, the 1933 Stratton & other Eippy Share, please. I get a Firefox browser update warning on Mega. Can't get the updated FF to install [in Linux Ubuntu}.
    Did manage to install Opera, which Mega says works, but I still get the FF warning. Most fristrating! My stepson is a computer maven, and HE couldn't get th FF update to install.
    Sorry to be a pain in the arse but I'd really like to d/l the above, and gawd nose might be back again to have another go.

    Mike in Plovdiv xxm.harkin@yahoo.com

  4. Thank you for the pointers! - i'll see about getting those on vinyl in good time (a quick look revealed that some of such vinyls are surprisingly pricy..)

  5. Maybe I could upload Boult's Sym.4/Wasps.

    However, the vinyl's really aren't worth much (under £3, IMO) and you need the recut LXT's - as original copies are not much good either (AKA: 'rubbish' ).

    shows quite a lot of matrix info - Boult's RVW Symphonies are mostly from LXT 2907 ('R' shows later recuts: the 'bust' sleeves originally are 'Dr' recuts - those L/or N are later -- up to about 1961 - sometimes used for ACL reissues.

  6. Hah, and what i saw were on both sides of £10 (such as the Collins/Elgar/RVW)!

    And nice if you could upload the Boult! RVW's been a refreshing change from the 'standard repertoire' (including Elgar), as the 'challenges' of grasping the works are quite different (a bit like with Shostakovich - whom i haven't yet much listened to (only know his 5th), so my superficial association could be wrong..)

    Many thanks for your kind advice...

  7. I'd be MOST grateful if you'd do the 78 chamber works on ZS, just for temporary. No idea when stepson will show up. As I said, I managed
    to install Opera, but for some reason it doesn't kick in.... I must be missing something, as all I get is the update FF warning.

  8. Might 'have a go'- though the songs on the other side are mostly less interesting (at least those that I jabbed the needle down-upon!)...and nothing similarly-good comes to mind (Janet Baker's Saga LP of English songs doesn't, IMO....though I suppose there's Wilfred Brown's English Folksongs (acc. by John Williams)...or even Osian Ellis' Welsh songs - both on Oiseau-Lyre??

    Will see if anything can be done with the Elgar Pf Qnt (which is really nice): however I've washed it numerous times but the darned 'crackle' resides in the matrices - and, as I despise 'de-click' for LP's, it may not be viable.

  9. Hello Eric,
    Sadly I don't have the John Ireland/Saga's (looking at a 1966 EMG Guide I see there were 3: XID 5207(Shirley-Quirk) / 5206 / 5230 + a Summit/Delta: LSU 3801 - those 3 being instrumental's): so I wonder how popular (even in the UK) they actually were..

    I do have the Janet Baker (+ the later Saga Schumann,etc) in early '80's German Teldec pressings - but must admit to not being a 'fan' of her singing..

    Re: Ireland. unfortunately I broke the Decca 78's of the Phantasie Trio (Grinke, etc) - but the 1940 Boyd Neel: Concertino Pastorale - Decca X 253-55 -survives intact.

    But I'll see what can be done with the 'mint' Elgar Pf Qnt: Aeolian/Cassini.


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