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24/96: Tchaikovsky. Violin Concerto - Ruggiero Ricci - New SO / Sargent - Decca 1950

Peter Tchaikovsky 
Violin Concerto in D major, op.35  
I:  Adagio moderato - Cadenza  ~  II:  Canzonetta - Andante  ~  III:  Finale - Allegro vivacissimo  
2 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download              2 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
Ruggiero Ricci, violin  ~ New Symphony Orchestra of London conducted by  Sir Malcolm Sargent 
Decca  LXT 2509  (reissued 1957 as: LXT 5373)  1957 LP/matrices: ARL278 -1DR / ARL279 -1DR   Rec: 26-27 January 1950 - Kingsway Hall  
Side One is really superb (the violin harmonics go to <30kHz in the Cadenza) - Side Two is marginally inferior (also in terms of performance) & transferred at a slightly lower level (a subdued pressing 'pimple' is near the start for a couple of revolutions)..  
Sleeve-note / 1950 EMG review >>>


  1. There is truly a blissful depth reached here, thank you! The harmonics are stunning as advertised!

    1. This should have been preceded by Ricci's 1954 Sarasate recital - but I couldn't quite 'get away with' using an unwashed late-pressing as the source - so that will follow 'shortly'.

      This LP I bought in 1986 - and it was head-and-shoulders above the other elderly LXT's for sound; the recut matrices obviously assisting: but this really is a 'Full Frequency Range Recording' - at least on the 24/96 files..

  2. Thank you for another excellent posting - the sound could scarcely be better, and quite original fiddling in many places! The review's claims of dull orchestra playing are unwarranted (listened through twice and didn't get that impression at all), but maybe the small cuts mentioned are to blame for the mild lack of cohesion on Side 2.. (still remaining very enjoyable!)

    1. Well..the microphone placing is 'near-perfect' on side 1 (the orchestra is clearly separated from the violin) - but maybe the tape-stock used for the 2nd sessions wasn't quite as good.
      Of course, in 1950, they didn't have my 'record-player'!

      The stereo Campoli version (have a new 1958 'CS' copy) is remarkably good for an early stereo - but I've gone-off his style.

      There's a late Ricci that's quite rare - 2LP's of Vivaldi sonatas on 'Etcetera'..and Ravel's 'Tzigane' (mono 1960 LXT pressing, c/w Lalo S.Espagnole) is also superb.

      If I was using CD-RW I would've corrected the slight volume imbalance between sides - but the 24/96 software only goes in 0.5dB steps - and the 'difference' may be less than that...but is visible via Frequency Analysis..

    2. Ahh, suppose recording wasn't all that simple so as to always guarantee top results even a day apart!

      Look forward to the Sarasate (at least..), tho Vivaldi's sonatas from Ricci sound just as interesting as anything else you have, ha-ha!

  3. The Sarasate will be nice, too..and hopefully 'Sudso' will have made editing a doddle...also have the stereo recital with Mr Lush..


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