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24/96: Ruggiero Ricci / Louis Persinger - Sarasate. Danzas Espanolas, etc - Decca 1954

Pablo de Sarasate:
Danzas Espanolas, op.21/1-2:  'Malaguena'  &  'Habanera'
Danzas Espanolas, op.22/1-2:  'Romanza andaluza'  &  'Jota navarra'
Danzas Espanolas, op.23/1-2:  'Playera'  &  'Zapateado'
Danzas Espanolas, op.26/1-2:  A minor  &  C major
Caprice Basque, op.24
Introduction et tarantelle, op.43
Zigeunerweisen, op.20/1
7 files zip  24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download           7 files zip  16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
Ruggiero Ricci, violin  - Louis Persinger, piano    
Decca  LXT 2930  1968 pressing / c.1961 matrices: ARL 1954 -1NR / ARL 1955 -1NR  Rec: c.January 1954 - West Hampstead Studios   
This is superior to a previous mastering (c.1955: 1D
R/1DR - large type) - itself distinctly superior to the 1954 original: 1A/1A.
Intended uploading this ages back (scans are Nov.2012) but was unconvinced that the 16/44 CD-RW captured all of the 'studio atmosphere', etc.  
    Sleeve-note >>>


  1. Listening to the 24/96 file as I type this. Fancy fiddling, to put it mildly. Thank you.

  2. Thanks a lot for this Ricci recording. I want to point out that I discovered him by records, never had any opportunity to listen to him in a concert hall...
    And if I remember well, persinger was his teacher?

  3. You had me rushing to Wikipedia...and didn't realise Persinger was originally a Violinist..

    Ricci doesn't appear suited to 'everything' - at least he fails, to me, to capture the idiom of the Khachaturian concerto (LPO/Fistoulari) as well as the Oistrakh's.

    In the Far-East he isn't really 'collectible' (but I regret disposing of my new original Paganini VC1/2 LXT) - but also uploaded the Tchaikovsky due to some 'technical interest'; as would be the case with some other early Decca's (the Krauss/VPO Don Juan/Eulenspiegel was very successful - right from the first 1950 LP)


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