Robert Irving presents... "Musical Merry-Go-Round" - Sinfonia of London - HMV 1961

Side One:  Rodgers; arr.Gamley: The Carousel Waltz  /  Ibert: Clowns' Dance  /  Saguet: Visions d'Art  /  Stravinsky: Circus Polka  /
Khachaturian: 'Masquerade' - Waltz

Side Two:  Oscar Strauss; arr: Banks: La Ronde  /  Don Banks: Coney Island  /  Mussorgsky: Gopak /  Gamley: Prater Fest  / 
Smetana: 'Bartered Bride' - Dance of the Comedians
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The Sinfonia of London  conducted by  Douglas Gamley -&- Robert Irving 
HMV  CSD 1333  STEREO  Original 1961 LP/matrices: 2YEA 495 -2 / 2YEA 496 -2         
24/96 files - now 16/44 only..  Excellent playing by the Orchestra.     Sleeve-note >>>



  1. Thanks for this -- the "carousel" had me laughing out loud.
    Your musical sidepaths and byways are always fascinating.

    p.s. The boy in the picture couldn't be the future Tin Ear, could it?

    1. Yep.....about a decade-later he became Teen Ear...but rather the worse for wear (the photo, that is) as I'd heavily-drawn a Hornby Dublo track-diagram on the reverse shortly after it was taken...with a (long-used) Kodak Brownie Box-Camera.

      I think that spot was just next to the small Lyons Cafeteria by the boating-lake.

      Carousel seems quite a complex arrangement - as the 2 tracks appear to have been time-shifted (?)

  2. There's very nice Coates - on Westminster by 'Eric Johnson' (actually a Vienna Orchestra conducted by Kurt List; see: http://gasdisc.oakapplepress.com/miscinst-johnson.htm ) in a superb 1961 UK mono pressing - but aside from the Decca New SO/Coates LP + Mackerras' LSO 10" Columbia, they are otherwise 'in copyright'.
    Rodgers (orchestral) is again mostly 'in copyright' - except for the 'Victory at Sea' stereo LP - but have considerable numbers of the Shows....and Ketelbey...well, there's a Fontana LP (Stuttgart/Mareczek) I think is wonderful; but that's 1967..!!

  3. Fantastic transfer, thank you!

  4. And i've never associated fair music with classical before.. Absolutely gorgeous transfers despite the 'optical' anomalies! Thanks.

    PS: Nice ducks.

    1. The Japanese produced some superb cartridges 30+ years back; unfortunately their 'rubber technology' can have long-term (sic!) reliability - as elastomers will go faulty: not usually the case with USA production.

    2. Interesting. i'm going to look into these old Japanese cartridges, if i might get one if they're still affordably available. (i don't listen to my own few LPs these days with my junk cartridge for fear of ruining them!)

  5. Hi Tin Ear,

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

    Why oh why do not more blogspotters upload this festive happy music at this time of year instead of the depressive sombre religious music associated with Bach and his multitude of baroque'ers. It is supposed to be an uplifting time of year!

    Good to see Douglas Gamley being represented (and Robert Irving again) - why was Gamley so little used? He always excelled on the various Reader's Digest albums. Just love his arrangement of "The Great Gate of Kiev", replete with choir.

    Anyone have any information about the "Sinfonia of London" - much represented on World Record Club. The book about the LSO indicates that they were a breakaway from the LSO for a short period of time - but I have a feeling that they were a "scratch/session" ensemble - would welcome collective opinion.

    Thanks for all your uploads. So pleased with your use of Zippyshare and/or Mega. Keep them coming in 2014.

    All the best for the Festive Season and 2014.


    Douglas (UK)

    1. Hello Douglas.

      Am waiting for (what I hope) is the last lot of 'Turntable spare-bits'.

      The exercise is complex as recently bought an SME Series III arm (brand new - made 1977) + a spare 'wand' (eBay end-prices doubled within a few weeks!) as have a lot of high-compliance cartridges from the late 70's/early 80's - which I suspect wouldn't be suitable for a new Jelco SA-750D I'd bought a few years back - and had yet to instal....
      ...so 3 decks are going to have complete re-instals - which has left me with just 2 working decks, since before Xmas (that get most use for transfers), + a Linn Sondek that I've never used for these blogs....which may get a Moving Coil installed - going into my 1977/78 Meridian amps.

      I realise there aren't many of these Blogs still going - so if/when I clear-off I won't give some 'lame excuse' (actually, I may be tempted into this year as my Dad enlisted in 1915 - so August 4 would be worth commemorating: and earlier this month saved the BBC R4extra internet stream of Charles Chilton's 1961 'The Long Long Trail' - which inspired 'Oh, What A Lovely War'.

      The 3x Tchaikovsky's are all out of copyright.
      It's a shame the Gibson/RPO: Peer Gynt isn't (the mono sounds much better) or the Alwyn/RPO G&S Overtures - both 1963.

      The WRC Ornadel 'FCM's' can be good: have most - but would probably only inflict 'Kismet' onto the unsuspecting (my fave is the 'Gone With The Wind' - but that's later/not WRC).

      RE: editing. There's no perfect 'quick fix' - but if you wanted to send some file/s to me privately I could run them through software 'not dissimilar to Mr Pristine's' @ a similar setting to those 3x PYE LP's on 'PRISTINE blog, as the damage-done isn't too obvious (to the unwary!)...but does need the LP/transfer to be 'non-foggy' for starters!!


    2. Having now checked the Faris/Tchaikovsky (1985 DMM Digital re-master) I wouldn't bother as it's heavy-handed/'dogged' - which is my vague recollection of the Dvorak...
      I'm no fan of the London Sinfonia - but this LP is fine (as is, in parts, the 'Carnival Time' mentioned above)..so doubt I would bother with Hollingsworth/Tchaikovsky (though 'Nutcracker' sounds very good - 1962 - the other two are 1959)

  6. The one I used fairly recently sold for £250 on eBay; even with an attached query from me as to whether it 'still worked OK'; subsequently the buyer must've got his money back..

    If you want something that's very cheap/rather good then the 'Rega Carbon' is a re-badged Audio-Technica 3600 with their carbon-fibre cantilever/conical stylus - which I'd recommended some years back on 'Vinyl Asylum' - although you do need to Epoxy-glue 2 parts (plastic mounting-plate/metal body) to avoid spurious resonances.

    Merrrrry Xmas to you; though, as mentioned above - as for 2014 - I may well give-it-a-miss - as have just added to my Vinyl Arsenal of HiFi bits - and don't intend just Staring at the gear....but will see (after I've re-arranged some of the 'record-players'; only a small % I've used for these blogs) whether I can offer a '24/6 sonic blockbuster'..


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